On Our Way

On Our Way was a recording produced after I left the band in 1979.  Instead of being pressed into an album it was made into a cassett tape.  I wish to thank "Brother" Dave Bragman for transfering it to mp3.  

The make-up of the band for this recording was:

David Neidig - Mandolin
David Bragman, - Banjo
David Rohling - Guitar
Doug Minard - Fiddle
Jackson Blamchard - Bass

1) Kentucky Mandolin
2) There Is A Time
3) Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
4) In The Mood
5) Goin' Home
6) Ragtime Annie
7) With Care From Someone
8) Mountain of God
9) Lake Michigan
10) I'm Walkin'
11) Bile Dem Cabbage / Cripple Creek / Salley Goodin
12) Kentucky Sweet Hills
13) Mr. Bojangles
14) Ashes of Love
15) Foggy Mountain Breakdown