• This is the sister site to who's subject matter deals with traditional music and the influence of African American's including the developement of the banjo, an instrument brought here by African Slaves
  • The official web site of the Baha'is of the United States
  • Cowboy Hay This is Haydn's Web site. He is available for TALL TALES, Music, Stories, Humor and entertainment for Schools, Meetings, Parties, etc. 
    (I still can't believe that Haydn is on the Web)
  • Old Town School of Folk Music (There is not enough that can be said for Old Town School of Folk Music.  I was a student there for many years in the mid to late 70's, studying Banjo, Guitar, folk dancing, performance and many other things. And anyone who was involved can never forget the all night parties.)
  • Guitar Works of Evanston (This establishment is owned by "Doc" Terry.  He has been a support and resource to musicians on the North Shore for many years. I have personally purchased many of my musical instrument collection from him when he worked for The SoundPost and continued to do so after he opened Guitar Works.)
    (My favorite memory of Doc Terry was when he was still at the SoundPost.  They had gotten in a shipment of Dulcimers.  Most of them had broken heads, cracked bodies.  Well, we looked through the box of rejects that were on clearance and found one with no damage at all.  Instead of putting it in the *good* pile, Terry looked at it and said, "It has the wrong sound holes... here you go... $25..."  Thanks Terry... I never knew a Dulcimer could have the wrong sound holes.  *G*
  • Northern Illinois Bluegrass Association
  • Northern Indiana Bluegrass Association
  • Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Association
  • The Special Consensus Bluegrass Band (Special *K* was one of our "friendly competitors when Unity was performing.  Miraculously they are still performing with Greg Cahill the only original member)
  • Two Way Street Coffee House (An old Folk Music Institution located in Downers Grove)
  • Chicago Reader's Guide to Arts & Entertainment (This is/was the COMPLETE guide to Live Music in the Chicago Area)
  • Folk-Lore Center
  • Fox Valley Folklore Society
  • Hogeye Folk Arts (I used to frequent Hogeye back when I lived on the NorthShore)
  • Chicago Bluegrass  (Home of the Bluegrass Legends Concert)
  • SCHU-MAN Studios provides professional, personalized recording services for creating albums and demos. Owner and recording engineer David G. Bragman (you might have hear of him from here) provides expertise, experience, and resources that will bring your recorded sound to life.
  • Chris McIntosh and Alvin McGovern Performers (I have been associated with Alvin & Chris for many, many years, especially the 20+ years performing at U of C Xmas Masses)
  • Muriel Anderson (I have known Muriel since we took guitar lessons at Old Town School of Folk Music)
  • Flatpicked Guitar Music (get tablature online at this site)
  • Steven Lee Rich (Steve is a guy I used to hang out with back in the 70's. He is also a former member of Unity (before it became a Bluegrass Band).  I have been wondering what had happened to him.  Now I know.  Feel free to go take a peek at his web site.)
  • Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival (is a festival celebrating our city’s unprecedented appreciation of roots music and culture.)
  • Midwest Bluegrass Festival (a schedule of Bluegrass festivals in the Midwest)