Green Lake Bahá'í Conference

These recordings were made at the Green Lake Bahá'í Conference in August of 2009.  It was the 50th anniversary of this event and were were invited back for a reunion concert (It had been 25 years since the previou UBB performance).  Unfortunately some were not able to make it but we were able to bring together a quarum to pull it off.

Present for the reunion were:

David Neidig - Mandolin
David Bragman - Banjo
Doug Minard - Fiddle
Dick Staller - Guitar
Adrian McKee - Bass

It had been sometime since we had performed together and having only got together 24 hrs before the gig...

Enjoy our reunion

Blessed Be The Name
He's Here
Orange Blossom Special
Ragtime Annie
Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Turn Your Radio On