Fire Station #3, Evanston, IL April, 22, 1978

Adrian coming down the fire-polePerforming at The Old Fire Station #3April 22, 1978 Unity Bluegrass Band appeared at The Old Fire Station #3 in Evanston. The building was an old firehouse. We first appeared there shortly after it opened for the first time as a restaurant. We loved performing there because we had the best entrance of any place we ever performed. We would slide down the fire-pole one person at a time. I was always the last one and what I would do is stop slifing down once my legs were visible and flail them as if I were stuck in the ceiling (as was a standard shtick of the 3 Stooges). Made for a lot of great laughs.

These three recordings are the full performance, complete with GROANERS, so if you ever wondered what it was like to be subjected to a UBB performance be sure to miss these recordings...

OOOPS!!!  I mean be sure NOT to miss these recordings...  ENJOY!!!

(SPOILER ALERT!!!! Somewhere in this performance is the only known recorging of "Adrian's Song" and no, I will not reveal where it is, you will have to suffer through the whole thing (like the rest of us) to find it.)


Fire Station #3 4-22-1978 Set 1
Fire Station #3 4-22-1978 Set 2
Fire Station #3 4-22-1978 Set 3