Business Cards

Unity Bluegrass Band "Gothic". I believe this was the 1st Business Card Unity had. It was also my favorite, but then again, I AM kinda strange...
Unity Bluegrass Band "In Flight". I always thought of The Beatles "Yellow Submarine" when I look at this card... Again, I AM kinda strange...
Unity Bluegrass Band in "Brown 'n Buff". This was the most professional card we had. The color scheme was reminiscent of the Wilmette Police cars that were the same color. It's a nice combo but was used to much back in the late 70's.
Dave Bragman, Banjo Instruction and Performance. While musicians we had to make money in anyway we could SOOooo we had to sell ourselves periodically to make ends meet, and Dave did it this way.
Free tickets anyone?
The Wildwood Pickers. Wildwood Pickers was another Bluegrass Band that played around Chicago. Kim Koskela, their banjo player, stepped in for Dave Bragman when he was sick. As a side-bar, Muriel Anderson went on to become the first woman to win, in 1989,
Unity Bulletin Board Service. Remember back before the Internet? Well, before the Internet there were Bulletin Boards which were individual computers with modems for people to call into. Unity BBS was a Bulletin Board Service that I operated and since thi