Band Members

Haydn Mohr
Lead vocals, Harmonica, Washboard, Spoons, Autoharp, Saw, you name it...
Dave Neidig
MC, Mandolin, Lead Guitar & *tried* at vocals *G*
Dave Bragman
Vocals, Banjo, Guitar
"Earl Country Cornpone"
Mark Harries
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Doug MinardVocals, Fiddle
"Lester Hungerfoot Quigley"
Adrian McKee
Standup Bass, Vocals (when the room needed to be cleared in a hurry)
Jackson BlanchardVocals, Bass
(replaced Haydn Mohr and later also replaced Adrian McKee)
"Just Plain"
Dave Rohling
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
(replaced Mark Harries)

* notice that at one time we had *three* members at the same time with the same  name, "Dave".  At that point we considered renaming the band, "The DAVE Band". <LOL>